Over 9.4 MILLION PLASTIC WASTE saved by using Bunkoza Eco Straws during 2019

Our Eco Straws

Will Help You

Save Money & End Plastic Waste

Bunkoza® Eco Straw Range

Our Bunkoza Eco Straws are the perfect Eco alternative to plastic
Easy to use ,  dishwasher safe , they are are a simple way to reduce waste and save money
During 2019 we saved over 9.4 million plastic straws in waste  – switch now.

Stainless Steel

Reusable – Dishwasher Safe
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    Bunkoza Steel

    Highest Grade Stainless Steel


    Easy Grip on Neck

    Dishwasher safe

Natural Bamboo

Reusable – Hand Wash & Dry
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    Bunkoza Bamboo

    100% Natural Bamboo

    Smooth Finish

    Sustainably sourced

    No Chemicals

Eco Paper

Simply Dispose – Sin Free
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    Bunkoza Paper

    100% Biodegradable Paper Straws

    Strength Tested for over 24 hours

    Multi Layer Construction

    Simple, use then Dispose

Reuse again and again...

Environmentally Friendly Eco Straws- Reuse again and again , saves throwing away plastic straws

Reduce plastic waste

All of our Eco Straws are designed to marry Eco properties with terrific design – importantly they contain 0% plastic which our customers love

Food Safe

Dishwasher safe (Steel) , rinsed clean (Bamboo) or simply dispose (Paper)


The White brislte brushes you see online are derived from crude oil !

Our Bunkoza range uses our worldwide exclusive Bunkoza Universal Cleaning Brush

NO plastic & Vegan Friendly.  All in One.


Wholesale & Portfolio

Small & Large businesses can contact us to retail our Bunkoza Eco Straws range

Also you can find out more about some of the projects Bunkoza have worked on with businesses across the world on our Portfolio page