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Bunkoza Bamboo Eco straws

Our best selling original range of Bunkoza Eco steel straws

Bunkoza Steel Eco straws

Sustainably sourced, our Bunkoza Bamboo Straws use no machinery or tools in production – 100% Eco Freindly.

Bunkoza Eco Universal Cleaner

Bunkoza Universal Cleaner – Unique 100% plant based , both Vegan friendly & plastic free

Coronavirus Update : Buy with Confidence & Stay Safe

ALL our Bunkoza Eco Straws are packed with gloves and full face masks (3M ventilated) in a clean packing room so you can be sure our whole range is sanitised and safe.
They can be hand rinsed and are dishwasher safe
Please see the NHS latest guides on dealing with Coronavirus, keep your hands clean, minimise outdoor trips and we can all get through this testing period :

Eco Jute Bag - Reuse Recycle

   Please reuse your Eco Jute Bag

   Wiederverwendung Jute-Tasche

   Reutiliser cette sac de Eco Jute

   Reutilizar bolsa de Eco Jute

   Riutilizzare sacco di Eco Jute

   Vennligst gjenbruk den økologiske strieposen

   Palun korduvkasuta seda ökoloogilisest džuudist kotti

Rinse Before Use - Dishwasher Safe

Rinse before use, Dishwasher safe (For Bamboo Please Dry Well)

Vor Gebrauch spulen

Rineer avant utilisation

Enjuagar antes de su uso

Sciacquare prima dell’uso

Skyll sugerøret før bruk

Loputa enne kasutamist

Use in Hot and Cold drinks

Take care, can warm up when in hot drinks,  freeze your steel straws in summer

Kann in heil3en Getranken warm

Peut se rechauffer dans les boissons chaudes

Puede entrar en calor en bebidas calientes

Puo ottenere caldo in bevande calde

Vær oppmerksom på at sugerøret varmes opp av varm drikke

Ettevaatust, kuuma joogi sees läheb soojaks

For further support or to place an order,  please contact the Retailer where you purchased your product from or email us and we can forward your query to them