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Here to help you make the switch...

Working with the Marine Conservation Society we are here to provide Eco friendly alternatives to using plastic in your establishment

We offer Eco Steel, Bamboo and Paper based Straws and we have a simple ethos of providing only the best quality always.

You can enjoy the lowest wholesale price and our products help businesses to reduce plastic waste, whilst making customers happy 

Our range has received top class feedback and continues to help reduce the use of plastic in homes and businesses across the world

Simply contact us and we can tailor a solution for your business 

Licensed Trade , Restaurants & Cafes - Work with us to remove plastic

Switch from Plastic to Bunkoza Eco Straws

No matter what size business we understand the need to switch from plastic to our Eco friendly alternative Bunkoza Eco Straw range .

Contact us to discuss your needs

  • Simple Process
  • Professional Support
  • Confidential

Style AND Substance

Available in various sizes and styles,  the Bunkoza® range grows all the time with new products coming soon – we have a focus on having both style and substance in our range

Save Costs - Rinse and Reuse

Environmentally Friendly – Reuse again and again , save costs on throwing away plastic straws. 

A quick rinse and they are ready to use again, they are also dishwasher safe

So simple - So effective : Reduce plastic waste

All of our products are designed to marry Eco properties with terrific design – importantly they contain 0% plastic which our customers love

Food Safe

Made from food-safe stainless steel which can simply be popped in the dishwasher or cleaned with supplied cleaner 

Avg Person Straw Use

high quality

High quality products with maximum Eco benefits – we have over 4000 positive feedback and growing based on our never ending search for perfection in our Bunkoza® range

Plastic Straws Saved

ethically sourced

Reduction of plastic extends to our suppliers, and logistics – we use no plastic in our packaging or shipments and all materials must be Eco friendly

Sustainable Businesses

work with us

We are 1st party suppliers with Amazon and work with other organisations such on ITV in order to aid in sustainable resource development and reduce plastic waste – So contact us to discuss distributing our range : admin@bunkoza.com