We Judge Ourselves by What
We Feel Capable of Doing,
While Others Judge Us by
What We Have Already Done

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Portfolio :
Better Working Together.

Below are just a few examples of the various projects we have worked on in the past, all massively helping to reduce plastic waste.

We work with like minded companies, that share our passion for reducing waste. The World needs help.

Contact Us to discuss how you can also work with us and show your customers your Green credentials.


North America : Largest Health Stores

As a leading health business, this partner wanted to offer our Bunkoza Eco straws to their customers in a custom branded format to expand their health range to include Smoothies.

We worked with them to design and deliver a fully branded solution, making sure design and manufacturing was perfect to their brand value.

Now thousands of happy customers receive a Bunkoza custom branded Eco straw and feedback has been excellent resulting in growing market share for our partner and reducing plastic waste!


Custom branded , happy customers

  • Custom Logo Engraved Eco straws
  • Custom size and logo printed high quality Cotton Pouch
  • Cleaning brush included all put together by Bunkoza in house

EU : Leading Fashion Brand

We were approached by leading EU fashion brand that had an excellent project to raise awareness of plastic waste in our oceans

They wanted to offer an Eco box containing the best Zero waste products to offer their wholesale network across Europe, this would show their Eco credentials with a Eco box that would make a genuine difference

We worked with them to include out Bunkoza Eco Straws successfully, supporting them with our knowledge of the sector, any logical queries and all aspects of launching

The Zero Waste Box has been a massive success and our partner are delighted with Bunkoza and the Teams efforts – we are very proud to work with them and continue to support them as wholesale sales increase


Eco campaign , best Zero waste products, make a difference

  • Bunkoza Straight 6mm Eco straws
  • Bunkoza Universal Plant Based Cleaner
  • Support and expertise to assist in getting the final product to market

London : Leading Car Parking Firm

In order to stand out in a market place based on car usage – we were asked to come up with a custom solution that a leading London Heathrow based car parking firm could offer their customers

We created a full custom Eco Straw pack for them in a custom jute pouch, which was offered to customers leaving the car parking area once their holidays had finished

This was an excellent campaign that really showed their customers that they cared about the environment and their customer even left feedback commenting on the Bunkoza Eco Straws

They also used it as an opportunity to use photos of the Eco straw packs with their staff to use on social media and their own website for PR

Again we were just delighted to directly impact a sector that has challenges with being eco-friendly and importantly put a smile on their customer’s faces


New sectors , showing Eco credentials

  • Custom Logo Engraved Eco straws
  • Custom size and logo printed high quality Jute Pouch
  • Cleaning brush included all put together by Bunkoza in house

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These are just a few examples of the companies we have worked with, whether Bunkoza branded or custom we genuinely care that more people can help in reducing plastic waste 

 If you would like to discuss a similar partnership with us, get in touch and we would be delighted to talk

Stop Plastic Waste with us

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  • Professional & Eco focused
  • Over 17 years retail experience

Bunkoza & Partners saved over 9.4 MILLION in Plastic Straw Waste during 2019