T&C’s – Returns and Refunds Policy

Website orders / Standard orders

Thanks for purchasing our products from Bunkoza operated by Play Galaxy LTD.

In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to notify us and return the product within 30 calendar days of your purchase. The product must be in the same condition that you receive it and undamaged in any way.

After we receive your item, our team of professionals will inspect it and process your refund. The money will be refunded to the original payment method you’ve used during the purchase. For credit card payments it may take 5 to 10 business days for a refund to show up on your credit card statement.

If the product is damaged in any way, or you have initiated the return after 30 calendar days have passed, you will not be eligible for a refund.

If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support team.

Please note these terms of sale and therefore any contract and any disputes are governed by UK Law in England and the UK is the jurisdiction any future matters arising will be heard : in UK, England courts only under UK law.

Custom orders 

Website/Direct Custom Orders

We have over 6+ years’ experience making custom orders and are upfront about our order process, we keep you informed thought about the results you can expect.


We have vast experience of engraving your logo and we can usually even match font style , we would advise that if logos are vertically aligned they may read easier/better horizontally. We will suggest this to you when you are placing your order to get the best results.

Engrave color is usually White or Black/Grey depending on material and colour requested.  Black shows up best on steel straws, White is best for Black or Gold Straws and other colors – please note Black can show up slightly grey on these materials due to standard lazer engraving process.

Again we will advise you of this before you place your order so get in touch anytime to discuss:


Please ensure you are 100% happy with design, location and colours before placing your order as we cannot refund for custom orders.

Surface /Micro Scratches:

Although rare and small in incidence, in some cases there may be some small scratches or imperfections only visible when certain light angels/conditions is met. This DOES NOT affect the function of the product and are to be expected with a stainless steel product. With the right light conditions most products in the marketplace can exhibit tiny scratches and this is even more pronounced with a shiny stainless steel finish sometimes

Any surface coatings due to custom coating color requests, always have a chance to come off with use as with any coated product/utensil and is normal wear and tear, this DOES NOT affect the function of the product and are to be expected with a stainless steel coated product.

The normal coating process to clients may provide slightly enhanced durability, however they can still be chipped/lose color in areas with use- is normal wear and tear, this DOES NOT affect the function of the product and are to be expected with a stainless steel coated product.
Some clients may want custom color coating hence we offer this service. No refunds are provided for custom orders in the event coating potentially comes off the straws in the future.

The vast majority of customers are delighted with our work and we always aim to make you happy with our range, we just want to cover all eventualities when it comes to expected results.

Play Galaxy LTD or any group website can not be held accountable for any issues that arise due to Surface, Straw coatings/colorings or Micro Scratches

Cleaning Guide:  We advise hand wash only with no chemicals, simply rinse under tap water and dry naturally, across all our Eco straws, especially for coated metal straws.

Dishwasher: Dishwasher is not recommended but is safe to use, however it will result in reduced durability of our products and will cause damage to any coatings/coloured surfaces, especially on our metal straws. This is the same with any coated metal product; hence dishwasher and steam will affect the visual aesthetic of the Metal coated Eco Straws and can cause loss of color. Bamboo and Glass Eco Straws are the same and should be hand washed then air dried. Paper Eco Straws are only 1 time use and disposable only.

Printed Bags/Packaging

We will confirm design throughout the process with you and advice on best colour combinations from our experience. Please ensure you are 100% happy with deign, spelling and colors before placing your order as we cannot refund for custom orders.

As each Play Galaxy LTD Bunkoza product is custom made we cannot offer a return unless:

a) the product does not match the order, or
b) the product is faulty

Please only accept delivery once you have checked your order , should the cartons be damaged please mark this on courier signature panel/paperwork and notify us of any issues .

You must nofity us within 72 hours of recieving your order of any manufacturing/ abnormal defects , so please check your order carefully as custom orders can not be refunded. Please check before selling or sending to any third party as making sure quality of finsihed product is correct before sending to your own customers is solely your responsibility as you are the third parties supplier. We are not liable for anything your third party does with the order you work with them on.

If product(s) delivered does not match your order please contact us within 72 hours via email (admin@bunkoza.com) outlining the problem and we will arrange the return of the said goods. Please remember to include your original invoice number and the name your order was placed under. If the goods have a problem relating to the quality of the product such as a mis-print or a fault on engraving, then a photograph as well as description of the problem should be emailed through to admin@bunkoza.com for our customer services team to assess

We cannot take any action at our discretion, on an order until all of the goods are returned to Play Galaxy LTD Bunkoza for inspection. Following the return of the goods a thorough assessment will take place following which Play Galaxy LTD Bunkoza will deem whether the return is valid or not.

If the problem relates to a production issue at Play Galaxy LTD Bunkoza then a re-production of the goods may be offered to rectify the quality issue if notified correctly as above within 72 hours. Because every product is custom-made to your specifications, if the order has already been produced Play Galaxy LTD Bunkoza retains the right to solely offer a re-production when seeking to rectify any problem with an order.

A refund will be offered only when an order is cancelled prior to any work being undertaken by Play Galaxy LTD Bunkoza. If you need to cancel an order you should contact customer services at email: admin@bunkoza.com as soon as possible. Due to the short turnaround times we try to work to, your order may have already gone into production.

If an order has been placed by the customer and subsequently produced by Play Galaxy LTD Bunkoza a refund will not be offered on cancellation as the goods are custom-made to clients specifications and not stock items that can be re-sold.

These terms are clearly stated on our websites and link provided (Play Galaxy LTD sites such as www.bulkstraws.co.uk or www.bunkoza.com link to terms) on every invoice before purchasing, any orders placed with us are acceptance of these terms of trade outlined in this document by Play Galaxy LTD

The conditions in these terms stated in this document are in addition to, and not in lieu of, any conditions in and/or of any legal agreement between Play Galaxy LTD and you the customer/business ordering from us,  or any of your affiliates, should you wish to proceed with your order or custom branded order

Should you have any questions, please email us anytime always happy to help:


Play Galaxy LTD

Company No: 8391260