Bunkoza® Eco Smoothie Straws – Stainless Steel Smoothie 8mm Drinking Straw with Eco Jute Pouch + Plant Based Universal Cleaner –  6 pack

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  • The Orginal Eco Smoothie Straw – Naturally keeps drinks cool , freezeable & dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for Smoothies, Milk Shakes, Protein Shakes, Cocktails and many other drinks
  • Environmentally Friendly – Reuse again and again , saves throwing away plastic straws
  • Fully Stainless Steel both Inside & Out, adds a touch of class to any occasion
  • Anti-Slip Grooves on body, Angled for easier use & Free High Quality Pipe cleaner included
  • Vegan friendly – 100% Plastic Free – Worlds only Bunkoza Eco Sisal Universal Cleaner

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£8.99 exc. VAT

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The best quality materials and 100% food safe. No plastic used throughout - even for shipping

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Bunkoza® Eco Smoothie Straws – Stainless Steel Smoothie 8mm Drinking Straw with Eco Jute Pouch + Plant Based Universal Cleaner –  6 pack

Ideal for Smoothies, Shakes, Protein Drinks or even a special gift for friends & family

Most cleaning brushes you see in world are white bristle cleaners that are NYLON based so still plastic derived from crude oil – not ours.

Comes with our Bunkoza Eco Sisal Universal Cleaning Brush, suitable for all customer types, Vegan friendly and importantly no plastic, truly Eco friendly

Can be used for cocktail parties/celebrations to add an extra wow factor or daily as an Eco alternative to traditional straws.

Simply reuse again and again saving waste, now there is no need to throw away straws

Just pop the straw in the freezer & then add to your glass to keep drinks cooler for longer, they are also dishwasher safe

Save waste with your friends and family with these futuristic kitchen utensils

Package Contents:

6 x Eco Smoothie Straw Stainless Steel 8mm

1 x Bunkoza Eco Sisal Universal Cleaning Brush (Suitable for all customer types, Vegan friendly- no plastic)

1 x Eco Pouch

Eco Straw Size: Length (inc bend) 21cm, Outer diameter 6mm & thickness 0.5mm

Good to Know ✔✔

Bunkoza® Eco Sisal Universal Cleaner (1 per pack included)

☑ 100% Natural – No plastic and Vegan friendly- Truly Eco Friendly
☑ Fully Biodegradable
☑ Renewable & Sustainable
☑ Food Safe Stainless Steel Wire

Our Bunkoza® Eco Straws are made from Food Safe 304 grade (18/8) stainless steel material

1. All our Bunkoza® Eco Straws are cleaned by ultrasonic process to remove any contaminates

2. All the materials used are food grade 304 (also called 18/8), health class and totally safe for use

3. All the Bunkoza® Eco Straws are packed in special clean-room to ensure perfect hygiene levels

4. For the suction port where your drink from, we use a special process to remove any burrs leaving it clean, smooth and hygienic

5. Finally they leave no metal taste in your mouth, something which inferior production can create

© Bunkoza®