500 x Custom Engraved Straws – Branded Steel Eco Straws

£169.99 exc. VAT

  • Fully Customisable Branded Steel Eco Straws
  • Environmentally Friendly : Reusable Stop Plastic Waste
  • Fully 304 High Quality Stainless Steel both Inside & Out
  • Food Safe SGS Certified to EU standards & FDA Approved
  • Choose Custom Addons Below : Size, Style, Bag, Cleaner

1. Eco Straw Diameter (Hole Width)

Select Eco Straw Diameter : 6mm (default)

6mm Standard Diameter

6mm Standard ( + 0.00 per straw )

8mm Smoothie Wider

8mm Perfect for Shakes ( + 0.04 per straw )

Super Wide for Bubble Tea Size

Super Wide for Bubble Tea ( + 0.08 per straw )

2. Eco Straw Length

Select Eco Straw Length : 215mm (default)

215mm Total Length

215mm Standard ( + 0.00 per straw )

150mm Shorter Length

150mm Short Straw ( - 0.02 per straw )

Your Own length Straw

Custom Length ( + 0.06 per straw )

3. Eco Straw Style

Select Straw Style

Straight Straws

Straight Straws

Angled Straw

Angled Straw

4. Eco Straw Color

Select Straw Color : Silver (default)

Normal Silver Natural
Colour Straw ( +0.10 per straw)

5. Engraved ?

Straw Engraving

Plain No Logo Straws

Plain No Logo Straws

Custom TEXT Engraved Straws

Custom TEXT Engraved Straws

Custom LOGO Engraved Straws

Custom LOGO Engraved Straws

6. Cleaning Brush Required ?

Pick Cleaning Brush

No Brush (default)

No Brush Just Straws

Nylon Standard Brush : Vegan Friendly

Nylon Standard Brush (+ 0.15 per Brush)

Plant Based Brush : No plastic, Vegan Friendly

Plant Based Brush (+ 0.25 per Brush)

7. Bag Required ?

Pick a bag

No Bag (default)

No Pouch Just Straws

Cotton White Bag - Made with High Quality Cotton

Cotton White Bag (+ 0.45 per Bag)

Jute Bag - perfect for that rustic look

Jute Bag (+ 0.55 per Bag)
Product price: £169.99 exc. VAT
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£169.99 exc. VAT

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